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Soil Testing

Soil testing is one of the most basic services that you can have done on any piece of land that you want to build on. The basic premise of soil testing is to see if the soil is suitable for construction, how stable it is, and how much weight can be put on the soil without it deforming. The determiner of a good soil is how well it can handle the pressure that is exerted on it by any sort of construction project. The soil matters because it is the foundation of your construction project. It doesn’t matter much in the short term but it is incredibly important in the long run. By analyzing the soil you make sure how you should build on the land and the things that need to be taken care of when building on it.

Soil Analyze

Soil analyses are also important for building permits because the permit requires you to show whether the land is suitable for a construction project. Typically land that is abundant in sand does not make for a good base as it can quickly lose its density of there is too much water content in the soil. It will quickly turn to mud and lose the properties that makes it suitable as a base for your construction project. Soil analysis is also not something that can just be done as the site. Soil analysis takes time and equipment, both of which can be found inside a laboratory. Having a professional soil tester make soil analyses makes sure that you get the appropriate information from the soil, information that can make or break your construction project.


The information that soil analysis provides you is used in a variety of ways. The first thing that it is used for is for the permit that you need. You need to prove that it is safe to build on the land that you have chosen and that involves proving what kind of soil you are dealing with. The information is also necessary for your workers as that information will guide them on how to construct the property. If you need a professional soil testing company then you don’t have to look further than us. We can provide you with qualified individuals that can adeptly check your soil and make sure of what it is made up of.

Soil Test Cost

Service: Soil Test

In Charge: Soil engineers

A soil test including 2 penetration tests and one core sample costs 3,250,000 Idr. This soil test report is required for all the building permits over 1 story in Bali.

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