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3D Animation

Every construction project starts with a 2D sketch of what the property will eventually end up looking like. The problem with just a 2D sketch of your property is that the sketch turns out to be a blueprint rather than an accurate representation of what your property will look like. The development of a 3D video will bring you to the reality of your project with the exact selection of your finishing material and you will be able to walk with the 3D animation around your property before start the building of your villa or hotel in Bali.

The realization of a 3D animation takes now days an important part in the architecture design. For private villa, it will show you the exact result of your home design. For developer, you will be able to start to sell your properties before even finish the construction. For hotel development, the 3D videos can bring you serious investors for your project.

3D Architectural Videos

With the 3D Animation service that we provide all you need to do is to provide us your 2D design that you have already made. From the information that you will provide us, we can create an accurate representation of your building site with every small details of your project. This also allows you to change anything that you you need. This is the biggest advantage of having 3D  video animation done according to your personal affinities. 

You will get a real representation of your future building and be able to make any change that you like without having to build the whole thing up in real.

Expert Team

The 3D video animation service that we offer is done by certified professionals who have a real knowledge and experience. The software that we are using will ensure that every details come to reality. 3D videos are useful for a variety of fields and we will be focus on the architecture field as our team of designers includes few architects who have a passion for the the creativity and understand the your needs as a priority. 

We will be pleased to assist you for all your architectural work and we will make sure that the final model follows all your requirements and specifications. We can also help you to modify anything you need until deliver the right design for you.

3D Video Animation Cost

Service: 3D Video Animation

In Charge: Architects / Designers

Cost: The cost of a 3D video animation starts from 7,500,000 Idr or 550 Usd for a video of 30 seconds. For a complete service including layout, floor plans, 10 images 3D and a 3D video animation of 1 minute, the cost start from 15,000,000 Idr or 1,100 Usd.

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