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Design Concept Service?

To begin with, let’s understand what exactly a design concept is. A design concept is a plan or an idea, which can help us to sell a commodity in public. You can provide a better overall subject understanding to a person with the help of a design concept. All the architectural projects should start with the design concept. In here, you don’t just focus on the design, but also take a look at the restrictions, issues, context and the structural requirements that are associated with. It can act as the guide for development.

How to?

At the beginning of a construction project, you come across the need to pay special attention towards the architect layout. It acts as the base of every construction project as well. You can receive positive results based on it. If you are looking for design concept, you have come to the right place. We can provide design concept for your home, villa or any other commercial project. No matter what the scale of the project is, we can deliver an outstanding experience to you.


Many people ask about the concepts incorporated in architectural design. It is about learning to develop a concept of your own, how to create a new design, how to explain your design etc. All these aspects are directly associated with the designing process. Some projects involve detailed process than few others. But, the design issue that may occur remains the same in all the cases and you should determine them. The important aspect related to the design process is the actual development of the concept. Let us understand more about this concept in detail.

Design Concept Cost

Service: Design Concept

In Charge: Architects / Designers

Cost: The global cost of design concept service will depend of the service required by the client. For a simple concept with only few 3D images, the cost starts from 3,000,000 IDR or 250 Usd. Now if the client needs complete architecture drawings, 3D images and a 3D video animation of 1 minute, the cost starts from 15,000,000 Idr or 1,100 Usd.

The definition of concept

  • An abstract and beautiful idea
  • A system or intention
  • An idea/invention to sell or promote a commodity

So it goes like idea-notion-theory-conviction-opinion

Architectural concepts are basically the response that comes from the designer’s perspective for a design situation. They are the ways to converting intangible designs into physical buildings. Of course every project has its own set of serious issues, central themes or general problems related to the designing of a building and it can be categorized as

  • Architectural space
  • Functional zoning
  • Circulation & building form

Certainly there are many other problems that come under the above mentioned categories and needs to be considered including technical problems.

Conceptual architecture brings in a different perception to incorporate new ideas to a construction or a building, which completely different from that of a conventional design and construction.

When you view a conventional building, we start giving our comments as how beautiful or ugly it looks. Well, we cannot relate our comments in context with architecture work as it is repetitive and follows the old concept, which now is replaced by new architectural concepts. When we get to see the new ideas in architecture, it simply makes us appreciate the new concept because it is something new and unusual.

No work is completed successfully without a concept and at the same time there are buildings that are designed with a lot of conceptual efforts that grab the attention of the viewer and the viewer get the positive and different feelings.

Ideas and feelings

The architects who believe in delivering correct conceptual architecture choose the right materials, elements and artistic flavor to bring in the desired mood even if that is unusual. The outcomes of such buildings are simple and pure. Above all simplicity and purity is a concept in itself, especially when poured into practicality.

It is not an easy task to define the exact concept of architecture as it can be anything like an attitude, a word, a feeling, an activity or a color.  Anything that is based on ones feeling can turn out to be concept which can transform the ideas of architecture.

Our architects can help you create functional spaces through concept & design as they have the right knowledge of the designs. The right conceptual architecture designs help avoid design errors and help build the ideas that you have in your mind.

A conceptual design is always a profitable investment for people who normally ignore this fact. When you go with concept architectural design you do not have to experience frustrating and unrealistic designs. You will get the designs created for functionality and functions that directly adds value to your investment. You will certainly get a good resale value for a well-designed property.

The conceptual architecture design also lets you choose the right materials as well as finishes right at the initial stages of construction. You can choose materials based on your functionality, space and proportions. It is all about bringing in all the details together in a picture design.

Concept designing is not something that will be visible when you look at the end result or entering your space, because it is something that is designed right at the time of foundation or a construction till the end. The construction has the right planning and design. To understand the importance of this design you need the feel the work of the architect and value the ideas and concepts of architecture that makes your space different from conventional designs.

Concept or outline design is not just something that is fancy, but it is backbone of your construction that corrects the design issues right at the beginning. You may feel them like simple sketches, but they are the designs that are tested and then finalized before you get the end result. You may be worried about the interiors of your house, but concept design is something that helps you create the base design for your property. It eradicates all the errors to give you the right space to live in.

You can speak to our architects to learn about the concept design and you will certainly appreciate the idea of concept design and the efforts that architects put in.

We offer a professional service and help you get the best design concept for your project

With our assistance, you will be able to receive the best architect layout needed for your project. That’s because we maintain professionalism in the services we maintain at all times. Go ahead and contact us now! 

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