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Building permits in Bali are a hot topic amongst foreign investors. Building permits and the IMB have become a little infamous because of the way that they handle applications and the lack of information that there is on the IMB and the whole permit process. The process is actually quite simple and easy, their problems have only arisen because of miscommunication and fear of the unknown. The first thing that you should know is that the IMB is not your enemy. It is the government agency that has been tasked in ensuring that all construction projects take place on safe land. The building permit process is one that is simple and not too lengthy. It also doesn’t require a lot in terms of the information that it requires. The basic process is comprised of submitting the required documents, making sure to sign in the right places, and being open at the time of a site visit.

There are hiccups though, as many foreign investors do not know exactly what the documents are needed, what you need to submit, and what is required for a site visit. That is why we offer a building permit service to all of our customers so that they can invest in Bali without the usual hassle. We provide a full service in which you guide you through the process, arrange all of the documents that you need, and make sure that your site visit goes through smoothly. The process doesn’t take long and after the inputs from your end have been received we can start working immediately. All you will need to do is to provide the necessary documents and provide payment for the permit. If both of these needs are met there should be no trouble in getting a building permit.

Building Permit – IMB Cost

Service: Building Permit – IMB

In Charge: Building Permit Agent

Cost: The cost of the building permit management costs around 9,000,000 Idr (650 Usd); this cost excludes government taxes, local donation.

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