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The Bill Of Quantities is a document that can be used in tendering. This means the labor, parts and materials are all itemized, you have information regarding conditions and terms of the repair contact and construction and this will also itemize the work as well. What this means is that the BOQ makes it easier for a contractor to price the work accordingly.

Why Do I need That?

You can measure the quantity in time, volume, number, weight or area, among many others. Most of the time you will need to take a lot of time and ensure that the bill of quantities works adequately and at a very professional level. This is very useful when it comes to assisting tenderers to figure out the price of a construction project at a professional level. Most of the time pricing something can be very challenging, as the last thing you want is to misunderstand any potential cost.

Make a BOQ

These Bill Of Quantities are prepared by our own building estimators and quantity surveyors. With our assistance you get to be sure that you receive the best possible way to estimate costs properly and at the best possible manner. On top of that, we also allocate a contingency sum too. You never really know what you can expect here, as there will always be some sort of challenges that will arise with this kind of stuff. Your primary focus needs to be on bringing in a great experience and a tremendous attention to detail.

Why choose us?

Our Bill Of Quantities service offers you a very accurate, detailed and professional service. You have access to the agreed rules of measurement, the new rules of measurement or the standard method of measurement. You can also convert the Bill Of Quantities and then present it in the CITE or Excel format according to the estimation software. These can also be delivered electronically or a hard copy.

Create a bill of quantities for your project

With our help you get to create the best Bill Of Quantities and thus you will save a lot of time and money that you would otherwise lose trying to complete all this work. We are fully committed to value and professionalism and we are here to ensure that you will always receive the ultimate experience and great results no matter the situation. Contact us today and let us help you with some of the best Bill Of Quantities services on the market!

Bill Of Quantities Cost

Service: Bill Of Quantities

In Charge: Quantity Surveyor or Cost Consultant

Cost: Start from 5,000,000 Idr (360 Usd). The price will depends after or the size of the project and the complexity of the project.

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