One of the most important things to remember when constructing a property is that your work is not complete once the structure is standing. There are a lot of extra facilities that are needed in order for the property to be completely functional. One such facility is power. No property is complete without a connection to the local power supply company. That connection requires you to hook up power lines to the home, install a functioning power meter, and complete all the necessary paperwork that comes with all of that.

watthour meter amp of electricity PLN

We can help in that regard as we have already helped a multitude of established properties by hooking them up with a PLN connection. PLN is the local energy company and in order to establish a connection with them, you will require a meter that shows how much energy is being consumed. We can help in that regard as we have become adept at installing these meters for all types of properties. So it doesn’t matter whether you have a commercial property or a residential one, you can rely on our services to make sure that you get a power connection to your property as soon as possible.

Water meter PDAM

As important as power is, an even more important connection is that of water. Without water, your property will not be able to function properly as it is required for the most basic of human activities. The local government water company is called PDAM and their connection also requires a water meter that can judge how much water you are spending. Their water meters are quite easy to install and the task can be managed in a matter of days. A water meter is necessary as Bali has a high consumption rate of clean water and not enough supply. The meters make sure that water is being used wisely and not being squandered.

There are obvious reasons why a water connection is essential for residential property. People need water to shower, to cook, and to clean. Water is also equally important for commercial properties because it is often a requirement for them. It doesn’t matter if you have a Bed & Breakfast or a Cafe, water is essential for the day to day and getting a connection is impossible unless it’s from the PDAM. We can help you out there as we are familiar with the paperwork, proficient in the local tongue, and can easily have a new connection set up in a few days.