We can also provide you with a range of other services, which will be useful at the time of property development. Let’s take a look at those services. You can simply go through the list of services and select the services, which are relevant to your needs. Then you can easily go ahead with them and experience the benefits that come on your way.

Land Surveyor Services

Piece of land that you use for property development should be surveyed accordingly. The land surveyor services that we offer can assist you with that. Then you will be able to overcome pain points and make sure that you go ahead with construction according to regulations.

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Soil Testing Services

You need to do a comprehensive soil test, especially before you work on a large scale development project. Then you can make sure that the piece of land is appropriate for the development. Otherwise, you need to make appropriate modifications to the plans. We can help you with the soil testing services as well.

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Structural Analysis Services

Structural analysis services can help you to get a better overall understanding about the stability of the structure. Then you can easily make sure that the structure is not vulnerable towards any damages in the future. This can help you keep the peace of mind as well.

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Bill Of Quantities Creation Services

Bill of Quantities is the document, which is used for tendering in the construction industry. If you want to publish a tender notice and get the supplies, such as parts, materials or labor itemized, you can go ahead with Bill of Quantities Creation Services that we offer. We can help you get the job done without any hassle.

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Building Permits Process – IMB

Obtaining a building permit is never an easy thing to do. That’s because you should comply with strict rules and regulations. We are aware of all those strict rules and regulations associated with building permits in Bali. Therefore, we can help you to get the building construction done while adhering to the permits.

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Water Well Drilling Services

If you need well water for the property construction or for any other task, we can provide you with drilling services. We are aware of how to provide you with outstanding results with well water drilling in Bali. Therefore, you can get our services without keeping a doubt in mind.

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PLN / PDAM Connection

We can also help you connect your property to the government electric company PLN and government water network PDAM. Then you will be able to get all your basic necessities catered without experiencing any hassle or frustration.

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What are the benefits you can get from these services?

The additional services we offer can provide you with a range of benefits. Here is a list of some of the most prominent benefits out of them.

Large area with amazing landscaping

Master planned properties have areas that are maintained by professional landscapers. You can enjoy playgrounds, walking, biking and jogging trails and much more.

Highly competitive rates

The houses in such properties have the same floor plan and thus the rates turn out to be quite competitive.

Space outdoors

When it comes to amenities the properties offer a huge outdoor space to all the residents to utilize. They can have fun and use the space as per their needs.

If you are a person who loves to make new friends, these properties have large properties with a number of people with whom you can form groups and enjoy.

Value of property

Yet another benefit is that you get the security which is maintained for long term both inside and outside your house. You can also express your views to add/improve security measures etc. While you are staying in such properties, the maintenance of buildings and landscaping are taken care of and it is vital factor for everyday living.

Extended variety

You can choose from a number of architectural options and floor plans. In such properties there is more than just a single builder that work towards giving you an array of choice between home offerings and lifestyle. It varies from villas to single family houses etc.

Better value for your property

In spite of the fluctuations seen in real estate market, the master planned properties have been successful to have increased property value or stable value for the property. It means you don’t have to worry about the drop in rates of real estate or fluctuations in real estate market.


When it comes to location, of course you think about buying a property close to ideal location that matches with your preferences. We can help you select the most appropriate location, which is ideal in all ways to build your property.

It is indeed fun to stay at a place which is safe and secure and offers entertainment too. You will have all facilities that you need to go ahead with construction under our wings, so you don’t need to travel to other place to get the work done. Everything just at one place is what our company offers.