There are a lot of hidden costs associated with setting up any property. There will be costs that you just don’t see coming and costs that seem so insignificant that you will end up ignoring but these other costs are incredibly important to remember because they can very easily pile up and end up being a real burden if you don’t have the right people to deal with them. Luckily we are able to help with such costs at as little as 10USD/m2. For a more detailed overview of the costs of each of the services take a look below.

Land Surveyor Services

Land surveyor services are essential because you need to know the land that you want to build on, what strengths and weaknesses it has, and what material is the best for construction on that type of land. This surveyor service is one of our most sought after as it is required by every construction project and is one that many people tend to overlook until the information is needed. This service starts at 3,000,000 IDR (around 210 usd) and is managed by our team of expert surveyors. With our report, you get a detailed list of the minerals that make up your land and what is the best way of constructing on it.

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Soil Testing Services

Testing the soil is integral for a good construction project. You need to know how suitable the soil is for construction, what drawbacks it can have, and what things need to be kept in mind when constructing on this land. This service starts at 4,250,000 IDR (around 300 USD/m2) for most of the residential land.

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Structural Analysis Services

You have to make sure that the property that you have is structurally sound. You need to be able to guarantee that it can stand the test of time and be a fitting place for any activity that needs to take place in there. This service starts at 25,000 IDR/m2 (around 2 USD/m2).

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Bill Of Quantities Creation Services

Not everyone has the luxury of making their own bill of quantities. That is why we offer these services so that you can rely on professional help to guide you through the whole process and make sure that you come out of it for the better. Don’t forget that cost of this service starts only from
25,000 IDR/m2 (around 2 USD/m2) .

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Building Permits Process – IMB

Getting a building permit is the first step that you will need to take if you expect to build anywhere in Bali. We can help with that as we will arrange the necessary documents and paperwork as you just focus on the construction. This service cost depends on the project and the location.

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Water Well Drilling Services

You might be looking for your own source of water and don’t want to rely on the local water company. We can swing by and see if your property is suitable for a water well and then drill one if you require it. This service comes in at around 75,000 IDR/ML (around 5 USD/m2) .

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PLN / PDAM Connection Services

Getting a water or power connection is important if you wish to make any building habitable. This is our most used services and depends on the project and the location.

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