Bali is a paradise that exist on the planet. Tourists from all around the world tend to visit the island due to the same reason. Apart from natural beauty in Bali, properties that can be found throughout the island have contributed heavily towards uplifting natural beauty. If you are currently working on a property development project, you need to pay special attention towards this fact. Then you can get your project to blend perfectly well with other properties that can be found in the region as well.

Bali Temple – Bali Architecture

Different styles of Bali properties

When you take a look at the properties in Bali, you will be able to discover many different options. Here’s a quick overview of those different types of properties. The understanding you have on these different types of properties in Bali can help you to go ahead with your construction project in an appropriate manner and end up with impressive results.

  • Traditional Balinese villas
Balinese villa with woodcarving porch

The traditional Balinese villas are made out of natural materials, which have been harvested from the island. They are enhanced with local craftsmanship and artistry. The villas that belong to traditional Balinese style contain bamboo poles, thatch roofing and many other natural materials, such as stone, coconut wood and teak wood. In addition to that, you can also discover traditional Balinese home décor and sculptures within the properties.

Wooden bungalow in Bali, Indonesia
  • Traditional Javanese villas

When you take a look at the traditional Javanese villas, you will notice that they have a ground floor foundation, along with a trapezoid shaped roof. These villas are also constructed from the materials, which are harvested within the island. It is a common sight to see how teak wood is being used for the construction of these properties. They have pillars surrounding the overall structure. In the traditional Javanese villas, it is a common sight to see open-sided pavilions. If you are impressed with this style, you can try a traditional Javanese villa without thinking twice.

  • Asian Contemporary or Modern villas
Modern Villa in Seminyak Bali

Modern villas, which are also known as Asian contemporary villas are quite different from the traditional Balinese villas and traditional Javanese villas. They have modern contemporary designs. These villas are often made with concrete. However, they contain wooden pillars or thatched roofing. Balinese accessories are sprinkled throughout the villas to blend them with the local culture.

Beautiful Modern Residential Villa in Seminyak Bali

Locations of Bali villas

The Bali villas can be constructed in a variety of locations as well. Each location can provide a unique and a distinct experience to the homeowners. Below mentioned are the most prominent location options that are available to consider when getting a villa.

  • Beachfront villas

These villas are located right in front of beaches. It is possible to find water by walking just few steps from the villa. Therefore, it is possible to witness waters while spending time in the villa as well. People who want to get closer to the water as much as possible can think about a beachfront villa.

Beachfront villa in Jimbaran Bali
  • Mountaintop villas

The Mountaintop villas are located on top of mountains, which can be found in Bali. Due to the elevated location, these villas provide stunning views of the surroundings. For example, it is possible to see rice paddies, jungles, rivers and even the ocean, depending on the exact location of the Mountaintop villa. If a person wants to enjoy a peaceful and a calm lifestyle, a Mountaintop villa can provide an excellent assistance. Hence, Mountaintop are heavily sought after by the individuals who practice yoga and who engage with meditations.

  • Hillside villas

The Hillside villas provide stunning looks. In fact, they are located on top of cliffs, which are closer to the ocean. They are surrounded by amazingly beautiful natural views. They often contain infinity pools and balconies as well. The best thing about these villas is that they provide breathtaking views of mountains and oceans. Therefore, people who want to experience both oceans and mountains can think about going forward with Hillside villas.

Cliff-front Villa Project Bali Uluwatu

Different views offered by Bali villas

The Bali villas can provide many different views as well. Depending on the personality and lifestyle, it is possible to select the perfect view and proceed with it. These are some of the most prominent views that could be experienced with Bali villas.

  • Ocean view

The ocean view villas are usually located on cliffs and hillsides. They provide magnificent views of the ocean. In addition to that, it is also possible to get an excellent view of the surrounding islands as well.

  • River view villas

The river view villas are located next to the rivers that flow through Bali islands. In most of the instances, these villas are located within hidden jungles or mountain tops, where rivers flow directly in front of the villa or below the villa. They provide an excellent environment for the people who want to engage with meditation and massages.

  • Mountain view villas

The Mountain View villas provide a great view of the hillsides. It is possible to view a massive area of land while spending time in a Mountain View villa. They are ideal to be used as luxury resorts because most of the people often get attracted to them.

  • Rice paddy view

The villas that offer rice paddy view are located in the villages. They are providing views of rice paddy fields. Hence, it is possible to get a relaxing experience while spending time in the villa. You can find these villas in every corner of Bali as well.

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There are some excellent variations in the style of Balinese villas as well. They range from modern and minimalist designs to traditional designs. No matter what the style of design is, it is often possible to find luxury being offered by the style.

The styles of villas are heavily influenced by the architecture in the country as well. Therefore, it is possible to find a variety of options, which can cater the needs of everyone.

Wooden traditional bungalow with tropical garden