There are a lot of costs associated with architecture and hiring an architect here in Bali. Hiring a full-time architect can cost you a lot here in Bali which is why it is more advisable to outsource the work to a company that keeps architects on the payroll in order to complete these services for their clients. If you do follow this route then you can expect paying less than the normal architectural services price in Bali. That is why we offer all of the following services at competitive prices so that you can make sure that you are being smart about where you invest your money.

Architectural Design Concept Services

If you would like a concept design about the type of building that you are trying to make then look no further than us. We can supply you with concept designs made by certified architects that can really help you visualize how your property will end up looking like. This service comes in at a nominal starting price of 3,000,000 IDR (around 210 USD) and depends on the complexity of the project.

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Layout Services

At the beginning of a construction project, you come across the need to pay special attention towards the architect layout and floor plans. It acts as the base of every construction project as well. We offer this service starting from 20,000 IDR/m2 (around 1,4 USD/m2).

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Architectural 3D Modeling Services

If a concept design and blueprints aren’t enough for you then you might need 3D modeling services. A 3D model serves a lot of your needs as it can show you exactly what the property will look like once it is built. We offer this service starting from 500,000 IDR by view (around 35 USD/view) with a minimum of 3 views.

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3D Architectural Rendering Services

Rendering services let you see every inch of the property in great detail so that you can make any changes that you deem necessary. This invaluable service starts from 1,000,000 IDR by view (around 75 USD/view) with a minimum of 3 views.

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3D Interior Design Rendering Services

Sometimes it is not enough just to see what the construction project looks from the outside. You might need to take a look of the inside and see how well it sits which is why we offer interior design rendering services so that you can see what the inside of your property looks like. This service starts at 750,000 IDR by view (around 50 USD/view) with a minimum of 3 views.

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Building Permit Drawings Services

To apply for a building permit you need to show the concept of the building and what it will look like once it is finished. In order to do that you require a basic design drawing. We can supply you with that at only 50,000 IDR/M2 (around 3,5 USD/m2) .

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Architects Working Drawings Services

If you need an in-progress design for yourself or your investors then our architects can help you out. Starting at 100,000 IDR/m2 (around 7 USD/m2) they can provide you with an updated design according to the work that has already been done.

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