Building a property is certainly a huge investment for any couple or individual makes in his/her life. Of course the decision of building a property has to be an informed decision as your hard money is involved. Certainly there are many factors that you need to consider while building a property like whether type of property like whether it you need villa or a commercial building. Apart from the property type you also need to consider its floor plan, layout, location and at last the price. The price you get from the real estate seller is just the asking price which can be negotiated. So, you need to consider the negotiable amount too.

To help you make your life easy with the property construction, we provide a range of architect services. Here is a list of the architect services that we offer. You can simply go through the list and see how you will be benefited throughout the phase of designing and constructing your property in Bali.

Architectural Design Concept Services

At the beginning of property construction, it is important to come up with architectural design concept. This is the initial draft of the design as well. Your specific requirements are taken into consideration and they are evaluated with the experience of the architect to come up with the architectural design concept. This will be the seed of property construction project in Bali as well.

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Architect Layouts – Floor Plans Services

At the beginning of a construction project, you come across the need to pay special attention towards the architect floor plans & layouts. It acts as the base of every construction project as well. You can receive positive results based on it.

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Architectural 3D Modeling Services

Once the design concept is finalized, we will provide 3D modeling services. This can deliver a range of benefits to you than a 2D design. That’s because you can easily visualize and see how your property would look like in the future with 3D modeling services. You will immediately fall in love with the design. If you need any changes, you can easily incorporate them into the 3D model as well.

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3D Architectural Rendering Services

We can also provide 3D architectural rendering services. This can help you figure out specific details of construction project in a clear manner. You will never get confused when you get the 3D architectural rendering. That’s because you can take a better view of what is associated with the project.

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3D Interior Design Rendering Services

We can also work on the 3D design for you. If you want to know how the design of your property would look like after construction, you can get the 3D design service. Then you will be able to make sure whether it matches with the specifications or requirements that you have in your mind or not. You have the freedom to ask for specific changes based on your needs.

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Building Permit Drawings Services

When offering the building permit drawing services, we use appropriate CAD drawing tools and use our expertise. Therefore, you will be able to get the permit approved without any hassle. We have a strong understanding about the compliances, which you need to adhere to and we make sure that you can stick to them at all times.

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Architects Working Drawings Services

Architects and engineers who work on the construction project will take a look at architects work drawing and analyze things. We can provide a great support to you with that as well. In fact, we can help you analyze the project scope in a convenient manner.

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One thing that won’t change is location of your property. There are possibilities that the surroundings may change for good or bad. Of course the property type will also remain the same for example if you build a property in a beachfront location, it would remain as a beachfront property forever. On the other hand if the property is meant for single family, there are chances that you get it renovated which is a different case altogether.

If you are thinking about renovation work, then the solution to your problem can be finding a reliable architect service. Well, staying in a properly planned property means staying in an environment that offers all the basic necessities you need. Earlier properties only focused on neighborhood only. But, now you need pay attention to detail and thus include basic necessities you need in everyday life. This can help you to stay away from a lot of hassle and frustration that you will come across as well.

Get hold of our professional architect services and you will be able to overcome all the pain points that you might have to face when you are constructing the property.